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​We have made special efforts to align ourselves with quality products that truly secure our customers. Our camera surveillance systems are no exception. We value our partnership with the OpenEye team. Not only are quality products important, OpenEye has set the standard for “Heroic Customer Service”. OpenEye cameras, DVRs, and NVRs are built to the highest specifications. OpenEye’s offerings surpass what other surveillance companies provide. ReportStar, Radius, and SaleGuard are all examples of how OpenEye stands apart from the competition and we are proud to have taken the OpenEye classes and certified in OpenEye systems. The following are some examples of OpenEye’s benefits. OpenEye offers a 3 year warranty on their cameras, DVRs and NVRs. OpenEye offers the best tech support in the industry. Their tech support personnel are knowledgeable about networking issues, and can remote into the system if needed. The ReportStart software does a health check on the recording devices and cameras alerting you of potential or real problems with your system so that the hardware can be adjusted or repaired. There is nothing worse that needing video, and finding out after the fact that your camera system was on the fritz. The Radius software makes any camera on the system available to be viewed on a monitor no matter what mix of recording devices are used – DVR, Hybrid DVR or NVR. SaleGuard links cash register transactions with video. It is possible to query SaleGuard and see specific video with an overlay of the cash register transaction. Reports can also be generated from these queries.

ArcVision offers a wide variety of cameras with different styles and capabilities. They also of course have the recorders needed to support 4 to 64 analog or digital cameras.Samsung Security – Whether you are looking for an extensive camera system for your business or a smaller scale system for your home, Samsung Security has your back. As a part of the huge Samsung technology company Samsung Security can offer you video surveillance at a low cost.

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