Security Tips

General Security Tips

❖ Be sure that you have solid core doors on your home or business.
❖ If you were locked out of your home or business, how would you get in? If you can enter your home without much effort, so can a burglar.
❖ Lock your home and car even when you are home.
❖ Change your locks if you cannot account for every key. You should change your locks when you move into a new home.
❖ If you lose your keys, change the locks immediately.
❖ Keep your garage door closed.
❖ Become acquainted with your neighbors and watch out for each other.
❖ Install a peephole or security camera so that you can see who is at your door without opening it.
❖ Set lights on timers or light sensors to turn on and off in the evening. A TV or radio can also be set on a timer to appear that someone is at home.
❖ Install a burglar alarm and use it.

Little known security secrets

❖ Not all locks are created equally.  Just because you have a lock on your door does not make it secure. Common locksets and deadbolt locks can be picked, key-bumped, drilled, or compromised in a variety of ways. In order to truly secure a door, heavy-duty security locking hardware using a high security lock cylinder, such as Medeco, should be utilized to thwart common burglary entry methods.
❖ In the long run, Medeco High Security locks are a cheap investment. Medeco locks are constructed to do more than “keep the honest people honest” and will last for several years. We can provide several testimonials of the strength and integrity of Medeco locks and cylinders.
❖ Because Medeco keys can only be duplicated by authorized people, the changing of locks is needed less frequently.
❖ Although a burglar alarm is a necessary component of the security of a home or business, an alarm is not the only thing that should be considered when evaluating your security. It is better to keep a burglar out than to become aware that he has already entered. Good security hardware, good doors and good habits should be your first line of defense. Burglar alarms and security cameras are the next step in securing your property and loved ones.
❖ It is always best to ask a professional when making a decision on the proper hardware for a door. Life safety and building codes need should be considered when purchasing and installing hardware.
❖ If a company has 15 or less employees that carry keys, Medeco locks would be a great choice for securing your business. A card access control system is a better choice if there are more than 15 employees that gain access to doors in a business.
❖ “You get what you pay for” is very much the truth with security hardware, CCTV surveillance systems, (camera systems) and access control. Consider what is being protected. It is common to see a million dollar home or business protected by a $20 home center lock. Loved ones and property are worth more than the security a $20 disposable lockset can provide.