Updating your safe lock

We, at Pro Security Products, are quite often asked whether a mechanical lock or an electronic safe lock is better. It has been our experience that mechanical locks are more reliable, however, the convenience factor of an electronic safe lock often is more important. Safes are often in a dark area where visibility is difficult and sometimes people don’t open their safes often, so dialing a mechanical lock can be difficult.

Electronic safe locks are easier and faster to open, and the visibility is not generally an issue. If you plan on changing your safe combination on a regular basis, an electronic lock is a better choice because you can change it yourself.

A mechanical safe lock should only be changed by someone who has been trained in safe servicing. Safes can also be upgraded to electronic locks. One of our favorite safe locks is the Amsec ESL-10XL. The Amsec ESL-10XL is very easy to use, change the combination, and is very reliable.